Post-vasectomy testing

Post Vasectomy Sperm Counts

 Specimen Collection Instructions: Read these instructions thoroughly and follow them exactly. If you do not follow the recommendations, the sample may be spoiled and you will be charged for another test kit.

    • Wait until at least 12 weeks after your vasectomy to do this test. If you do the test before 12 weeks, it will be invalid and you will have to do it again at your expense. You will be notified if a second test is required.
    • Put on the special non-lubricated condom and produce the sample by masturbation or sexual activity after four days of abstinence.
    • Immediately pour all of the contents of the condom into the smaller container with the white label on it (correct any info on the label…e.g. telephone number etc.).
    • Cap the container tightly and place it in the notch of the larger container which will protect it in transit.
    • Place the containers and the laboratory requisition together in the bubble envelope.
    • Seal the envelope securely and follow the instructions we provided for sending in the sample.

Most men who perform the test properly after 12 weeks will have a clear test and will no longer require protection. About 1 in 10, however, will require a second test to be brought to a laboratory directly. We will contact you as soon as we receive written results from the laboratory, usually one week after sending in the sample. If you need to provide a second sample:

  • Sexual abstinence of 4 days is advisable before collection of the specimen.
  • The specimen should be collected in the sealed sterile container provided by the doctor. Use of any other container may render the sperm (if there are any) immobile and the specimen may be unsuitable for testing.
  • Collect the specimen directly into the container by masturbation. If a portion of the specimen is lost/spilled, the rest should be discarded and collection attempted at a later date.
  • The specimen must be brought to the laboratory below immediately after collection, as it must be tested within one hour. The doctor may not be able to use the results obtained at any other lab.
  • Close the container tightly and keep the specimen warm (in your pocket or next to your body) during the journey to the laboratory.
  • Label the container with your first and last name, your date of birth and the date & time you produced the sample.
  • Please bring the specimen to Gamma-Dynacare Laboratory, 750 Peter Morand Crescent, Ottawa, 613-729-0200. Remember to bring your health card with you. Your partner may bring the specimen in for you so long as they bring your health card with them.
  • Sperm counts are not covered by Quebec Insurance. Therefore, Quebec health card holders and patients without provincial health coverage must pay for the test up front. The charge is $20.00.

Specimens are accepted Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (earlier is better).

****Important: vasectomy has the lowest failure rate of any form of contraception, but nothing is 100%, even after a clear sperm count. You may, if you choose, arrange to have periodic tests to re-confirm a zero sperm count.